The Science for Population Protection


The whole world, including the Central European region, as well as the Czech Republic has during the first decade of this century reflected the tendency to comprehensively perceive security issues on a global scale, with a particular focus on protecting population against emergencies and crisis situations. A periodical that would address such comprehensive and broad issues had been missing. Therefore, in 2008 the Population Protection Institute started publishing the journal The Science for Population Protection.

Since its commencement, the journal focused on presenting original research papers focused on the science of security issues, contributing to the development of knowledge about maintaining a balance between security and danger especially in the area of security policy, political science, public administration, fire protection, civil defence, protection of population, protection of critical infrastructure including protection of information systems, and security technology from the perspective of social, information, medical, military, technical, natural, legal, historical and other sciences.

The journal has gradually within its areas of specialization established itself as a publication, dealing mainly with thematic topics of security environment and security policy, civil defence, crisis management and critical infrastructure, security training, security research.

Currently, two issues are published per year.